When we learned about hyperrealism in class I was very interested and wanted to know more about the topic. So I started looking up definitions from various sources of hyper realism and various hyperrealist artists. Here are some interesting things that I bumped into while surfing the web.





Theme 1: Rough Aged Exercise Equipment

I went for a walk with my dog and saw some really great signs with interesting rust patterns. I thought that rust would look as good a texture to display aging. As I continued on the walk I saw even more awesome signs covered in rust. I realized the walk with my dog was very fast paced and physical and that made me think of how cool it could be to Photoshop rust into exercise machines used for fast paced physical exercise.  I think putting the rusty texture in a treadmill’s metal parts or in an elliptical trainer’s arms could come across as incongruous because those type of exercise machines are for a heavy active workout and the rust would make the exercise equipment seem unused, aged and somewhat eerie. I am thinking of exploring how to put the rusty exercise equipment in the pool photo.


I looked at this photograph of the highline by Iwaan Baan and there was just something so distant and ceaseless about it. The camera angle provides the distance in the photograph and the focal point, which is directed at the top of the photo, provides the endlessness. I thought that the benches, the negative spaces under the benches, and the lighting on the benches looked great and would like to use some of those techniques in my work. I tried to capture the same never ending quality with the pool photo I took. I did not want the photo to be distant. I wanted tension and an extreme presence. I will edit the lighting in my pool photograph to make the presence larger. In addition I might distort the color and shape of the pool photo.

The High Line, section 1, New York, NY, 2009. Photo: Iwan Baan :


Drawing Map out 1:

After drawing my first map out of the Rough Aged Exercise Equipment theme I realized what underlying atmosphere I want in my final copy. I want the image to display ceaseless, aging, unused qualities; which would mean a scattered object placement not a structured object placement (in this case object meaning exercise equipment.) Also I also want to make the focal point the punching bag. I am going to move the punching bag from where I placed it to a part of the landscape that is emphasized the most.  Also, I will explore rotating the image of the punching bag. In addition there is a hook that I am going to have placed on top and near the punching bag. From my first drawing and map out I have decided that I want the hook possibly rotated and maybe not facing the punching bag in order to emphasize no activity. On the other hand I do want this image to have a tension filled atmosphere so I might want the hook far away but pointing at the punching bag. In addition the hook should be positioned over the edge of the pool but using layers and selection tools the hook image will cover the edge of the pool so that the edge will not be seen. However the hook will be seen and this will create depth and dimension. Basically the hook will be popping out of the pool. I am going to explore putting the photograph of the grate over the pool to function as a cover and also a symbol that the pool is closed. I am going to space out the grate’s holes so the pool water is more visible.  I will put the grate over the pool with layers.  I learned from drawing number 1 that I do not want to put the exercise equipment floating on the water. I want more texture and something in between the equipment and the water. I am going to explore distorting the weights and making the weight asymmetrical. I will make the weight asymmetrical by distorting the scale of one end and leaving the scale of the other end of the weight. I am going to make the weight placement look less structured. The last thing I might change after drawing my first map out is the position of the pool. I might want to rotate the pool. Also, I have to resize the weights, hook, and punching bag because the treadmill and elliptical trainer will not fit in this scale. I will make the exercise equipment smaller with the transform tool.

Drawing Map out 2:

After drawing my second map out of the Rough Aged Exercise Equipment theme I realized I do not want to rotate the punching bag but I do want to continue with the idea to move the punching bag to the center of the image. I have explored putting the photograph of the grate over the pool to function as a cover and also a symbol that the pool is closed. I am still going to space out the grate’s holes so the pool water is more visible but I have decided that I want the grates holes to be irregular in shape and irregularly spaced out. The irregularity might create a sense of aimlessness. Here are some new ideas to explore: I think I will add another weight to the photograph, I will either make the weight smaller or bend the bar of the weight, and I might enlarge the elliptical trainer’s arms. I have to figure out what I want to do with the hook in this picture. I might want to place it in different areas of the photo to see what produces the most tension, vacancy and loneliness.

Here are some cool links that display hyperrealistic qualities:



Here are my sketches:

The tools I used for my Hyper work were the clear stroke, the perspective command, and the clear brush.

Throughout the semester I worked on many different versions of the hyper realism project. The first version was not very colorful, many of the objects were not legible, and many of the images were poorly selected and not given and dimension.

The next version, the images were legible and better placed, but still had some selection issues. In this version I played with the rust in the exercise equipment to see if I liked the way it looked. I did not like the way the rust looked so at this point the whole theme changed.

The 3rd version the next mockup was more dimensional than the last two. It had a lot of drop shadows and inner shadows. I also changed the weight placement.

In the 4th version I wanted to see how the hook would look in pink. I did not like the way it looked in pink so I wound up not using this version.

The 5th and last version is a combination of the last 4 mockups.


4 responses to “Hyper

  1. Louis! It’s Lucinda! Do you remember how to get the picture to do a multiple copy of itself fill in? Like what Prof. Krikun did with the trees in class the other day? If you could tell me, that’d be super awesome.


    • Hey Lucinda! I think what Professor Krikun did with the trees was a content aware scale. I’m almost certain that is what is was. If that doesn’t work out I would try emailing Professor Krikun with your specific question because I just emailed her with a question and she got right back to me and answered everything. You can always ask me too though.
      Have a good one.

  2. This looks fantastic on paper. This is probably one of the most difficult pieces in the class. Can’t wait for your presentation!

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